When your own resources are not enough


As a textile consultant, I help companies in the textile industry who want to focus on quality, sustainability, and taking greater social responsibility.
I also offer my services to companies that need reinforcement in the form of extra resources and or expertise in the production process.
With more than 30 years of experience from the textile industry, both domestic and international, I offer a broad and deep expertise. 
My area spans the entire production chain and I know what the complexity of the production means.
”I make it easier for you when your own resources are not enough”



We are facing the great challenge of working more sustainably in order to achieve the goals of Agenda 2030. There is an increasing customer demand to prioritize environmental focus throughout the entire life cycle of a product. Sustainability is the future!


CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – handlar om att säkerställa att vi tar ansvar för hur vi påverkar samhället, ur ett ekonomiskt, miljömässigt och socialt perspektiv. Därför är det viktigt att verkligen känna sina leverantörer och deras värderingar. Skapa en uppförandekod som era medarbetare och leverantörer kan skriva under.​

Quality & production

Quality is an experience, a product's durability and life span. It is important to understand the needs and expectations of your company's customers. Securing high production quality is a challenge that requires rules and procedures.


Sometimes situations arise when the existing resources are not enough. There may not be time or finances to hire someone, but when you need professional help quickly I can be that extra resource and expertise.